Thursday, September 29, 2011


I’d be a pretty terrible liar if I said that I could talk about balancing life without a bit of bias. First, know that I don’t think I’m there--far from it, and as life changes, I’ll always need to make adjustments.

I get the information in this blog from a number of great sources. First and foremost, I get truths about life from a collection of ancient texts that have proved themselves to be true for thousands of years--the Bible. I’ll pull information from other historical writings as well.

There are a whole bunch of guys who lived life well and wrote about it--I’ll be quoting from authors much older and much much wiser than me. The rest comes from my own personal experience in cultures and with people from around the world--from sipping tea with the poorest of the poor in a 3rd world country, to designing military equipment in a cubical, to shaking hands with a Sultan in his own palace.

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