Sunday, October 2, 2011

Benefits of Balance

I already gave away the purpose of this whole blog: to measure our lives and work towards balance. Balance seems like such a simple thing--we learn to do it before we’re 2 years old. We forget that it’s something we never mastered.

When we’re 2 and lose our balance, we fall down, cry, and mom stands us back up so we can try again. When we’re 16 and don’t have balance, we sneak out at night and close off the relationships that would help us the most. When we’re 30 and don’t have balance, we scream at the kids and sink into depression. When we’re 50 and don’t have balance, we can’t figure out who we are and jump into an affair (or Ferrari). The wobble keeps getting worse because we didn’t fix it, and life keeps going faster.

Balance keeps us standing up. Balance lowers stress, puts all the areas in perspective when something goes wrong. Balance keeps us on track when life speeds up. That doesn’t mean things won’t go wrong, and life will always feel in control--but it helps. Balance helps get rid of the wobble.

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