Saturday, October 22, 2011

Build it and They Will Come

A simple blog isn't enough. We need action, we need motivation and encouragement. I've moved the blog to it's own website:

Growing, learning, and improving is the goal. The first thing that I needed to do to make progress toward a goal is to define the goal–and in this case, to define the categories. This site is devoted to encouraging people to grow, learn, and balance their lives in the 7 major components of life:

On the new site, I have the blog to share my thoughts on the key areas, some information on my background and purpose, and forums so that we can build a community of encouraging, motivating, passionate individuals.

I want your help. I need you to join this group and encourage people to eat well, to get jobs, to read, to build business, to pray, to study, to smile, and to work on the unbalanced parts of life that we struggle with every day. It’s a long journey–and a hard one–but it’s worth it.

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